Gettin’ Pesky: The origin of the Pesky Sens hashtag

03/30/2013 11:58 AM -
By Cassie Burgess
Twitter @cassie_burgess1
Twitter has become an ideal place for hockey players and fans to connect. With the quick advances in technology, our society has become accustomed to reaching out to others through the social media realm allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings.
Anyone who ‘follows’ players in the Senators organization on Twitter, knows about the new trending hashtag ‘PeskySens’, or as we in Binghamton call it, ‘PeskyBSens’. Not only have we seen the buzzword on Twitter, but also on team t-shirts and the game video boards.
So brings the question, where did this ‘PeskySens’ slogan come from and who created it?
To get to the bottom of this dispute, I asked several players and employees in the Senators organization their opinion on the root of the hashtag and its message to the fans.
B-Sens equipment manager Tom Severance was the first to take credit for the ‘pesky’ hashtag.
“I had a lot to do with it. I believe I was one of the guys to say ‘pesky’,” Severance claimed.
While, Severance spread the word on Twitter that he was the “sole creator” of ‘PeskySens’, many of the Ottawa Senators had a different story.
“No, no, no. Sevy did not create it. It was the team down there in Binghamton when we won the Calder Cup,” forward Erik Condra stated. “I don’t think it was Sevy himself but he can be part of that team that created it. We won’t give him full credit though.” Zack Smith also chimed in stating that Severance could not take claim for composing the saying.
Calder Cup team member Kaspars Daugavins admitted that he didn’t hear about the catch phrase until after the 2010-11 season in Binghamton.
“I don’t know [who created it]. I kind of found it out last year when I got here [in Ottawa],” Daugavins laughed. “It’s the word of the day, every day. It’s just a good comeback word I guess.”
Though, the biggest question has been where the hashtag has true ownership: Ottawa or Binghamton?
“We should check in to see if we can get our trademark on the ‘PeskyBSens’ cause it was developed here in Binghamton with the Calder Cup team,” Severance argued. “It should stay with the Binghamton Senators.”
B-Sens center Derek Grant was also part of the championship team two years ago. Having over 2,000 Twitter followers himself, he is an avid ‘PeskyBSens’ tweeter. Yet unlike Severance, Grant doesn’t think the slogan should have a home base.
“We are all Sens,” Grant declared. “There are a lot of players that are there [in Ottawa] that were here [in Binghamton]. It’s in the family and that’s what’s important.”
Truth is, most of the guys have no idea where the motto came from and when it truly began. They are just excited that both teams and its followers have something to promote together, whether it’s on Twitter or at the hockey game.
“It’s kind of cool to have as a team,” Mika Zibanejad concluded. “I don’t know who tweeted it but it’s definitely a thing now.”

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